Full Day Tour in Petrópolis

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City Tour in Rio: One Day in Petrópolis Tour

Full Day Tour: Details

Visit Imperial Museum, Cathedral St. Peter of Alcantara, Crystal Palace, home of Alberto Santos Dumont

  • Duration: 8 hours
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Full Day Tour in Petrópolis



In 1830, D. Pedro I bought Córrego Seco Farm to built the royal residence in the highlands of Rio de Janeiro, where the Imperial Family used to escape from the hot summer of Quinta da Boa Vista.In Europe, 19th Century, it was created a tendency that after sometime was allowed to all population: the vacation. Royal families used to build the house in a different place, in order to have a good rest during the summer vacation.

The Russian Czars had their houses in St Petersburg; the French crown went to Versailles Palace.The Brazilian Empire also has summer vacation time. On March 16th 1843, D. Pedro II, son of D. Pedro I signed the decree 155, in which Koeler , a German immigrant and D. Pedro`s II friend was allowed to build the town, the summer palace, a church and a cemetery. After this well succeeded experience with German immigrants, Koeler brought more 2 thousand Germans to Petrópolis. Petrópolis became the first projected city from Latin America, with its dominated rivers, its gardens and its big houses.After its construction, the Imperial City received its legacy. Until today it is possible to visit and revive the colonial period through the buildings and projected streets.

Other Brazilian aristocrats eventually followed suit. Pedro's Palace is nowadays the Imperial Museum, one of the main attractions of the "alpine city" of Petrópolis, together with the Cathedral of Saint Peter of Alcântara, the Crystal Palace and the House of Santos-Dumont. The "Imperial City" became in due time home to artists, intellectuals and celebrities, and by the twentieth century, one of the main tourist attractions in the country.


The city of Petropolis is located 60 km away from Rio and has been called the Imperial City since the times of the Emperor Pedro II. Settled by the Germans, Petropolis keeps the memory of Brazilian history alive with its buildings and charming streets. First we will visit to the Imperial Museum, which has been the summer residence of the Emperor D. Pedro II, and keeps furniture and objects such as the crown of gold, pearls and diamonds used by D. Pedro I and D. Pedro II.

After the tour will continue on to the Gothic Cathedral where Princess Isabel was buried along with the tombstones of D. Pedro II and his wife. From there we will visit the Crystal Palace, built in France and mounted in Brazil, destined to shelter exhibitions and great parties promoted by Princess Isabel and than we will visit The Enchanted , Santos Dumont ́s House .


  • Imperial Museum
  • Crystal Palace
  • Gothic Cathedral of Saint Peter of Alcântara
  • Santos Dumont ́s House

What's Included in City Tour

  • Roundtrip Transfer to Most Hotels in São Conrado, Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana
  • Professional Tour Guide
What's Not Included in City Tour
  • Food and drinks

Discover the best of Petrópolis, See 2 of the most iconic sights of Petrópolis on a 9-hour guided tour of Imperial Museum and Crystal Palace and see Rio from different perspectives.

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